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How to Get Rid of Pet Hair from Your Upholstered Furniture

So you made a furry little addition to your family! How cute.

But what’s that lying all over your furniture and carpets? Pet hair? Yes we thought so too.

Your little animals take a big space in your heart and so does their hair-fall problem. While you can’t really blame them for the mess they create, you can, however, control this build-up of hair. So don’t panic, here are some tips which can make this pet hair problem more manageable and that too, under a budget:

1. The Wet Glove trick

In the book of old tricks, this one stays at the top and remains the most convenient way to manage pet hair. All you need is a kitchen glove and some water to dampen it a bit. Rub it over your furniture or sofas and voila! the hair is long gone. While it does not cost anything at all, you will have to exert in a lot of effort followed by multiple rubs on the furniture to make sure all the hair is gone. But if you find nothing and want to clean up the mess, bring in the gloves!

2. Vacuum Cleaners

vacuum cleanerWhile the usual vacuum cleaners will fail to give you 100 percent results, special vacuum cleaners for pet hair exist which will save your day. These vacuum cleaners come with powerful suction and can most certainly pick up hair from every tip and corner of the room. Investing in a good cleaner will save you a lot of effort, time and will give you the ease of using it anywhere. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, a good handheld vacuum for pet hair is enough to make your life easy. From carpets to floors and even cars! Consider the hair problem solved.

3. Rubber Squeegee

Now this one works like magic on carpets and fabric sofas. If you can’t afford the special pet hair vacuum cleaners and have been having fits of rage on your normal vacuum for missing pet hair, then know this fact: It is not your vacuum’s fault. Pet hair is fine and sticks to carpets for life! For this purpose rubber squeegees work the best. All you need to do is rake the squeegee and the hair will be gone for the better.

4. Microfiber Cloth

Your pets definitely shed hair where ever they go. Another thing which will guarantee your pet’s presence has to be the little body prints they leave behind, especially on glass and polished tables. So now you need not only to pick their hair up but to clean off their body drawings as well. This is where the microfiber cloth will be your holy grail. After slightly dampening it with water, just run the cloth on the surface and everything will be clean and tidy. Just be sure to dispose of the cloth after a few times of use as the hair eventually stops sticking to it.

5. The Mega Cleaning Roller

Lint rollers have been used for a long time to solve this hairy mess, and in all honesty Evercare’s pet Mega cleaning roller is majestic in this regard. Consider it as a long lint roller, that gives you the option of sweeping floors, windows and partially every area that you can reach easily. Coupled with ease, it is ideal for those who need perfect results with lesser effort.

While pet hair can be managed, it is also important you invest in good pet hair shampoos, conditioners and food. After all, they are a part of your family and deserve a better life too.

Five House Moving Tips to Make a Stress-Free Move

Moving can be really torturous, especially in a busy city like Melbourne. From making infinitely many trips to real estate agency to arranging transport and labor for carrying your stuff, shifting from one house to another is a stressful process which drains you of all physical and mental energy. We understand your misery. But, do not worry. With these tips, we try to help you in making your moving-out process stress free.

end of lease cleaning

1. Start Packing Early

No matter how obvious this tip sounds, it’s the only thing that people commonly forget to follow and end up in a chaotic situation. No matter how organized you think you are, there will always be much more work than you estimate. In order to avoid sleepless nights, start packing a few weeks earlier so that you have enough time on hand for the jobs that un-invitingly pop up towards the end.

2. Divide Things in Groups and Use Tags

There exist things of various kinds and types in house that need packing. Do not hoard all things together in boxes because it will make unpacking tougher than the packing. Divide things in groups of clothes, crockery, books, stationary, decorative items, furniture etc. and devote certain number of boxes for each group. Make sure you label the box correctly before sealing it. You can go a step further and organize things according to their material (for example, keep glass objects separate from other things) so that special care can be taken of boxes with brittle items.

3. Make a to-do List

A to-do list has many more advantages than simply reminding you of what still needs to be done. With a list of every pending task in front of you, it becomes easier to prioritize tasks and divide the work. This way, you can figure out which task needs more time and you must start doing it now, for example, cleaning and which task can wait till the end. Furthermore, the rewarding pleasure you get while ticking a task done on the list motivates you to get other work done too. Remember to add deadlines too to each task.  A to-do list is a bible for a disorganized person like myself.

4. Start Cleaning before Anything Else

Talking about cleaning, make sure you start the cleaning job before anything else. The reason being, cleaning is a tiresome job that consumes a lot of time and effort. You might like to avail offers provided by end of lease cleaning Melbourne professionals, who take all the cleaning responsibility on themselves and let you focus on other jobs that outsiders cannot do.

5. Get Rid of unnecessary Stuff (through a garage sale maybe?)

Moving to a new house is another step ahead in life. Do not carry things with you that hold little significance or that you deem “might be” important sometime in future. The more things you choose to shift, the most costly it would be. Sell out what is not needed and get rid of items that can be easily replaced.

Finally, do not compromise on your meal or sleep during the moving-out period. Stay organized and ask your loved one to share a hand. Rest shall be easy.